Tumblr + Forums + Family Tree (Warning, the Family Tree contains spoilers)

Shades of the Poison Tree is a random rainbowcy that I have been toying with for quite some time. I recently decided to just jump in head first. Chasing Rainbows, my original rainbowcy, is my first priority. I plan on this being a relaxed (though story-based) Sims story that I update whenever life allows for it. That might six times a month or only once. I might throw song lyrics into some of the chapters as well but this is not a musicacy – the generations are not based off of particular songs.

This story is rated R just for precautionary measures.

I will still put content warnings at the beginning of every chapter that contains extreme violence/nudity/sex/gore/suicide/rape ect. I just want everyone to know in advance, however, that these subjects may be discussed and written about in detail.

What is a Randomcy?

It’s basically a challenge where you roll for certain aspects  of the legacy – such as marriage structure, number of children, employment and other fun goodies. The player can only play the generation within the guidelines of these ‘rules’.

Personally, I may break a few of the rules in order to work with certain stories but I plan on trying to stick to the rolls as closely as possible.

Go to this site for a more detailed explanation.

What is a Rainbowcy?

A Rainbowcy is a legacy but all the characters will be colorful. Pink, red, green, blue, orange and other unnatural skin tones/hair/eyes will be featured.


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